Sahi Tests

Link Test

Form Test

Table Test

Select Test

Frames Test

IFrames Test

ShadowRoot Test

Window Open Test

Window Open Test With Title

Show Modal Test
Span and Div Page

Element On Top Test

TakePageScreenshot Test

Label Page

Headings Test

Visible Test

Strict Visible Test

Contain Test

React Test

Alert Test

Confirm Page

Prompt Page

Js Popup

Save As Test

File Upload Test

Break Frames

Open Self

Close Self

Blank Page

Different Domains

Different Domains External

Iframe Different Domains

Sample Application Different Domain


Error Pages

204 Response

Delayed Load page

IFrame via doc write

Head request with 204 Response

Clicks Page

Combo Clicks Page

Mouse over

Key Press

Drag Drop Test

Drag Drop DataTransfer

Wait For Condition

Clear Timeout All


HTTPS Google

Temp test



Responsive Page